Signs that You Need to Replace Your Your Engine Control Module (ECM)

Most modern cars usually have an Engine Control Module (ECM which is also referred to as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). The unit is primarily responsible for drivability functions as well as engine performance. In most cases the unit uses sensors and is able to calculate engine spark and fuel so that the car performs well but it can have various issues that may make the car undrivable and some of the signs that you need to look out for are briefly highlighted below.
One of the way that you can be able to know that your ECM has an issue is when the check light comes on. When the computer detects a problem with the sensor or circuits then you are sure that the engine check light will go on. If you see the light make sure that you check the car for potential issues and especially issues that relate to your cummins ecm.
Erratic engine behaviour is another sign that you are having problem with your ECM and it is something that you need to check on. Stalling or misfires are common problems that you may be able to see when your computer is faulty. In most cases such issues may come and go and they are also likely to have a pattern or severity.
If you are having engine performance issues then it is something else that you need to look ino as well since it indicates that you have problem with your diesel ecm. Fuel settings and timing can easily be affected when you have issues with ECM and it can negatively impact the performance of the vehicle. When the ECM is faulty, you will have problems with power, acceleration and even reduction in fuel efficiency and although a proper diagnosis needs to be done so that you are sure that the problem is with the ECM unit it is important to rule out other issues first.
Something else that can alert you that you have bad ECM is if your car refuses to start or if you have difficulty in starting your car. Incase the ECM is completely faulty you will have problems completely with the engine management control since the engine will refuse to start completely. As much as the engine will crank up you are sure that it will not be able to start without the vital inputs of the computer and this will mean that you may need to get a new ECM unit.